Echo Friendly

V I N  B A K E R'S
Products are VERY "ECO-FRIENDLY"!

 Our Eco-Friendly covenant to our customers is as follows:

1) It is my responsibility to my customers and consumers to design and produce the "most desirable product” as possible. However, as a citizen and as a designer, I am very sensitive to our environment and therefore take many steps to make sure that our "imprint” on it is as minimal as possible without sacrificing the desirability of the product and I therefore, list many features below outlining what we do. Probably, none of your other suppliers can make these statements "in-truth”.

2) Our Leathers: I buy all of my leathers from tanneries that are located in "Santa Croce”, Italy which has the highest "EPA” standards in the World! ALL TANNERIES IN SANTA CROCE:
A) Only use "re-claimed re-cycled water” and in-turn "re-cycle the water that they have used” in the Tanning process!
B) They all have "State-of-the-Art” Air-Filtering Systems which eliminate ALL TOXINS and Fumes from the Air.
C) Most of my Leathers are "VEGETABLE TANNED” which uses NO CHEMICALS, only NATURAL PLANT PRODUCTS derived from Chestnuts and Mimosa Plants! This process eliminates the use of the many Toxic Chemicals that are more commonly used by Tanneries such as Chromium and Chemical dies!
D) I ONLY USE LEATHER THAT IS A SECONDARY PRODUCT!!!! (Meaning NO ANIMAL LIFE HAS BEEN SACRAFICED FOR its SKIN!!!!) It should be noted that: "ALMOST ALL Snakeskin, Crocodile, Lizard, Alligator skins as well as Fur are a "PRIMARY PRODUCT”, meaning that THE ANIMAL HAS BEEN KILLED FOR THE USE OF IT’S SKIN ONLY!!!
E) I NERVER USE MAN-MADE Materials such as vinyl’s and plastics! These are ALL PETROLEUM based PRODUCTS which are not bio-degradable and further deplete Earth’s oil reserves.
F) All Leather is Bio-Degradable!!!

3) Adhesives & Finishes: ALL of my adhesives and leather finishes are WATER-BASED, not Petroleum based. By using WATER-BASED materials, we eliminate all toxic fumes and these materials are bio-degradable.

3) We RE-CYCLE: We send all of our leather scraps / cardboard / and waste paper to a recycler.

 As you now know, we are very sensitive to our impact on the environment and we will always be concerned but not at the expense of "retail success” or "consumer” appeal, NOR WILL WE EVER USE IT AS AN EXCUSE FOR MAKING A LESS DESIRABLE PRODUCT OR BY LOWERING OUR STANDARDS OF QUALITITY!


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